Chloe and Giuseppe Zanotti Brands

Published: 28th June 2011
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The ever growing population has never ending demands especially when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. People have become more conscious about personal grooming and self appearance in a day to day life. And the most notable point is that consumers are more cautious about the brands, which they buy and use like never before. Thus, business giants and retail investors are having sleepless nights to make their products alluring and appealing to the masses. Many have come up with innovations, but also many have seen a fleeting demand.

Chloe is a one such initiative by Gaby Aghio of introducing a fashion house in 1952. This French company has its headquarters in Paris. Before the advent of Chloe launch, luxury fashion companies were mainly focusing on apparels and fine clothing. But the drawback was it could not attract more masses as the price was not affordable by all. That’s when Gaby bought in the concept of ready-to-wear fine clothes, which were yet cheaper than the others. Other competitors soon followed suit and today many designers have bought in ready-to-wear outweighs apparels and accessories. There is also craze for Chloe shoes, sandals and other accessories today. These shoes come in myriads of designs, colors and the right ones for the modern ladies.

Chloe shoes are available through a network of renowned boutiques in major cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, UAE and also in other major resorts. The products are available in only selected private luxury boutiques and in few airports’ duty-free shops.

Thigh-high boots also known as the thigh-length boots or even commonly called as thigh boots, are that footwear, which extend above the knees. They are also available in different lengths right from reaching just over the knee sometimes even up to the crotch, hence the name, crotch boots. Such high end shoes are available in popular brands like the Giuseppe Zanotti .

An assorted set of European cobblers have made higher-priced thigh boots for the fetish market. The most legendary among these was the Little Shoe Box based in London, which was crafted for both ready-to-wear and boots in leather and real patent leather. If we seen in Hollywood, In The Devil Wears Prada, the protagonist, Andy Sachs which was played by Anne Hathaway, completes her ugly-duckling-to-swan change by getting confidently into her employer's offices wearing Chanel black leather thigh boots. Designer Patricia Field was the one who designed and crafted it for Andy Sachs in this flick.

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